NYPD Det. Kevin Brennan, who narrowly escaped serious injury when he was shot by a suspect in January, got two standing ovations Friday when he was promoted to the rank of sergeant.. Brennan, 28, of Garden City Park, got his new rank as the result of a competitive examination process that took place months before he was wounded on Jan. 31 in a foot chase in Brooklyn, officials said.. "I feel like I earned the sergeant a little more," said Brennan after the promotion ceremony at police headquarters in Manhattan, where he received his citation from Police Commissioner Ray Kelly. "I put about seven months of my life on hold to study.". Brennan was in a foot chase when a suspect turned and fired once at him, wounding him in the back of the head. After his release from the hospital in February, Brennan was promoted to detective.. Brennan appeared to walk carefully off the stage after the ceremony. "I am still out on line of duty," Brennan said. "I have some issues with my spinal cord and my vision; it is getting better every day.". As part of his recovery, Brennan said he walks around the block with his 6-month-old daughter, Maeve. "I can't jog, the most exercise I do is walk my daughter every day," he explained.. A total of 78 uniformed promotions were announced Friday