Police are searching for a convicted sex offender from Brooklyn who is suspected of committing the brutal robbery and sexual assault of a German tourist last week in Manhattan, as well as two other robberies, a top NYPD official said Monday.

Wanted for questioning for the crimes is Keon Robinson, 28, the man police believe is shown on video images carrying out the attack early Thursday on the female tourist on West 146th Street, Chief of Detectives Robert Boyce said.

A follow-up investigation and examination of other evidence from two other attacks — one on April 24 and another on April 27 — have led detectives to believe Robinson was also involved in those crimes, Boyce said.

“This is a highly dangerous individual,” Boyce told reporters at a hastily called news conference Monday. Police played a video showing part of the attack on the tourist, who was pummeled, sexually assaulted and lost some teeth, Boyce said.

The video also allegedly showed Robinson entering a Bronx Home Depot the day of the April 27 attack and robbery of a man at 70 W. 139th St. in Manhattan. The April 24 attack on a different woman took place at 4 a.m. near West 145th Street and St. Nicholas Avenue. Police believe Robinson grabbed the handbag of the woman, 35, and then struck her a number of times in the face. Robinson is then believed to have grabbed the woman’s groin, police said.

“He is a level three sex offender,” Boyce said of Robinson, noting that the suspect had ended his parole from an earlier conviction in January.

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State records indicate that Robinson spent about eight years in state prison following his 2008 conviction in Brooklyn for first degree robbery and sexual abuse, both felonies. Boyce said that Robinson was originally paroled last year, but violated the conditions of release and was sent back to prison for final discharge in January.

Boyce said Robinson is believed to have injured his hand in the attack on the tourist and left a trail of blood, including in a building he entered afterward.

“We have DNA from the elevator he went into on 147th Street,” said Boyce, adding that the genetic sample is being analyzed. It wasn’t known Monday night if the DNA sample matched Robinson’s genetic profile.

Last week police took into custody another Bronx man, also 28, in the attack on the tourist but have since released him after he provided an alibi, Boyce said.