President Barack Obama is coming back to the city yet again, and he's bringing with him the usual traffic jams and congestion.

Obama will visit the Big Apple Tuesday for a handful of campaign events, anchored by a star-studded bash hosted by Jay-Z and Beyonce at Hova's 40/40 club in the Flatiron District.

The party will cost $40,000 per head, and is capped at 100 attendees.

The president is set to touch down at Kennedy Airport around 3 p.m. and will get into Manhattan by way of the Wall Street heliport, according to From there he'll likely head north via motorcade, tying up traffic anywhere he goes. It’s unclear what route he’ll take.

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Obama has visited the city more than a dozen times over the past few months for campaign and fundraising stops, most recently in late August for an appearance at Lincoln Center with Michael Jordan, among other NBA stars.