As summer wends its way along, there's nothing better than an alfresco meal, whether it's lunch or dinner. Here, we've picked five great spots for an urban picnic - and some suggestions for what to pack.


Find a shady spot along the edges of the Sheep Meadow; after you eat, you can toss around a Frisbee. For a classic New York picnic, stop by Barney Greengrass for a couple of overstuffed sandwiches: lox and cream cheese on a bagel, maybe, or a corned beef and chicken liver triple-decker. For dessert, consider a black and white cookie or a slice of old-fashioned New York cheesecake. (Sandwiches and desserts for two, about $35; 541 Amsterdam Ave.; 212-724-4707,


Manhattan's newest park is elevated and a great place to picnic, with spectacular views all around ( Pick up lunch at Amy's Bread in the Chelsea Market. Nosh on organic peanut butter and strawberry preserves or roast turkey with cranberry sauce. For a hit of sugar, there are cupcakes and giant chocolate chip cookies. (Sandwiches, $3.50-$7.35; cupcakes and cookies, $2.50; 75 Ninth Ave.; 212-462-4338,


No, we're not sentencing you to an eons-long wait in line at Shake Shack. Instead, stop by Baoguette for a splendid bánh mì, the paté-smeared Vietnamese sandwich. ($5; 61 Lexington Ave.; 212-532-1133, For a little cross-cultural influence, you might want to get in line after all, for a Shake Shack root beer float or frozen custard. ($5-$7; Madison Square Park; 212-889-6600,

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It's easy to forget the city rests on a mini-archipelago; but out here, the tip of Red Hook, things maritime are obvious. In nautical surroundings, pick up a lobster roll at Red Hook Lobster Pound ($15 apiece, closed Mondays and Tuesdays; 284 Van Brunt St., 646-326-7650, Dessert? head to Baked for a mini apple tart or lemon meringue pie. ($4-$5, available weekends; 359 Van Brunt St.; 718-222-0345,


Our favorite picnic place in Brooklyn's Prospect Park is by the side of the Lullwater, near the old boathouse. Stop by Blue Apron Foods for fixings of a French-style picnic: crusty baguette to slather with cheese and a selection of charcuterie. ($25 and under for two; 814 Union St.; 718-230-3180). Then try Almondine bakery for éclairs and other French pastry. ($3.75 apiece for éclairs; 442 Ninth St.; 718-832-4607,


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Sure, the trees are a bit runty, but Pier 1 is open, and you can't beat the river view. Where would we stop for lunch? How about some fish and chips, mate? Atlantic Chip Shop is the local Brit/Irish expat hang, and the battered cod with chips makes a fine take-away meal. Don't forget the fried Mars bars for dessert. (Fish and chips, $12; Mars bars, $3.50; 129 Atlantic Ave.; 718-855-7775,