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Two beams of light will rise again Thursday night to mark the spot where the Twin Towers once stood.

And though the “Tribute in Light” is slated to go dark after this year, organizers and officials say they are determined to see that the makeshift memorial doesn’t disappear.

“New Yorkers would like to see it go on,” said Frank E. Sanchis III, senior vice president at the Municipal Art Society, which organizes the commemoration. “And so would I. We are approaching the future very straightforwardly.”

The contract that the Municipal Art Society has with the Lower Manhattan Developement Corp. to produce the remembrance ends this year, because both believed five years ago that the work on Ground Zero would be largely completed by now.

Sanchis added that he believed it is likely that his group and the LMDC would reach an agreement to continue the project next year and possibly beyond.

“It’s pretty easy to keep going if you can find the money and as long as you can locate a site,” he said.

For now, the money comes from the LMDC through a grant from the federal office of Housing and Urban Development.

The lights were originally placed on the site of the new Goldman Sachs tower downtown. They are now placed on top of the MTA garage that straddles the Brooklyn-Battery tunnel.

On Friday, the tribute will end as the lights dim when the sun rises.

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-- David Freedlander