Convenience is 'most loved' aspect of MTA, followed by 'nothing': Survey


Straphangers (Credit: (Getty Images))

Where is the love?

About 38% of respondents in an Internet poll by the Straphangers Campaign asking riders to choose what they loved most about subways and buses picked "convenience" -- but another 31% said "I don't use the word 'love' in the same sentence with 'MTA.'

Surprisingly, just 5% of the 249 respondents selected "fare discounts." This was disheartening to Gene Russianoff, spokesman for the Straphangers Campaign.

Discounts "certainly head my list" said Russianoff.

But will the fact that the discounts got no love change the group's priorities?

"I'm still hurting," Russianoff said.

He insisted the poll was meant with love ("we were in a Valentine's Day mood") and that the MTA actually fared well.

"When you add up 'convenience,' (38%), 'my boss can't reach me' (4%) and 'my fellow riders' (5%) people loved them more than they hated them," said Russianoff.

But rider Kevin Walden, 52, of Kips Bay, complained that offering the option NOT to use the word 'love' in conjunction with the MTA was loading the question. He praised subways and buses as "convenient."

In response to the poll, the MTA said it "aim(s) to give our customers reasons to love us -- and even if they don't, we'll keep trying."

-- with Anna Sanders


In Other Loves

16% of respondents picked "other" when asked what they loved most about the MTA. Here's what said they liked about their rides:

-- 24/7 service
-- Countdown clocks
-- free transfers
-- freedom
-- no cellphones underground
-- how quickly things were up and running after Sandy!
-- I can do my crossword puzzle in peace
-- I don't pollute as much as individual drivers pollute
-- It's the BEST system in the World!
-- It's the most eco friendly way to travel
-- Just riding the subways and buses is awesome
-- reading undisturbed
-- speed when street traffic is at a standstill
-- the entertainment
-- Bus rapid transit, known here as Select Bus Service
-- the fact that the No. 7 is mostly above ground
-- The fun/ challenge of arranging and timing connections that work
-- The history and greatness of the best subway system in earth

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