Storm is en route to NYC, but it may be mild


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One thing is for sure: It will be cold and it will be windy, so bundle up Wednesday and Thursday.

The main model forecasters use to predict storms is sees several inches of snow coming to the city, but other weather-predicting models don't foresee any such dump, said Jerome Blechman, a meteorologist and chair of the SUNY Oneonta Dept. of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences.

The "European" model -- which predicted the ferocious power of SSuperstorm Sandy with such uncanny accuracy -- this time sees the storm pretty much bypassing the city, leaving us with low temperatures and lots of wind, but "very light" snow, said Blechman, who is betting on this forecast.

Kristina Pydynowski, a senior meteorologist for, forecasts that two to four inches of slushy, wet snow will accumulate -- mostly overnight -- with temperatures not getting above 42 degrees today or 40 tomorrow. Coastal areas in LI and NJ may face minor flooding, as water levels could be as much as four feet above average, added Pydynowski, who said she factors several models into her predictions.

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