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Piglet gets 'wheelchair'

Chris P. Bacon at Eastside Veterinary Hospital in

(Credit: MCT)

Chris P. Bacon was born without the use of his hind legs. Dr. Len Lucero, a vet in Clermont, Fla., used toy parts to make the piglet a 'wheelchair.'

Watch a YouTube video of the little guy below (he's already attracted more than 500,000 views).

If you can't view the video on this page, click here:

Marco Rubio's water break

Sen. Marco Rubio takes a sip of water

(Credit: AP)

It's Marco Rubio's swig of water -- not his policy ideas -- that many people will remember from his GOP response to President Barack Obama's State of the Union address Tuesday night. It wasn't so much that he took a drink, but more of how he did it: Rubio awkwardly crouched down and moved to his left, trying not to break eye contact with the camera. Click here to watch video of the sip heard 'round...

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Obama ends State of Union with emotional demand for gun control vote

President Barack Obama, flanked by Vice President Joe

(Credit: AP)

"They deserve a vote" is the line we'll all remember from President Barack Obama's 2013 State of the Union address. With Gabby Giffords watching from the audience, the president declared "now is the time" to tighten gun laws.  During less emotional moments, the president hit on more than a dozen other issues, including: jobs, housing, minimum wage, the war in Afghanistan,...

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Today in Newsday history: February 12, 1963

Feb. 12, 1963

Fifty years before today's news of controversial nuclear tests in North Korea, Newsday's Feb. 12, 1963 front page headline read: JFK URGES NEW TEST BAN EFFORT.

A few months later President Kennedy signed the Partial Test Ban Treaty, which banned nuclear testing in the atmosphere and underwater. The Soviet Union and Great Britain also signed on. On an entirely different note (but somewhat...

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Lightning strikes St. Peter's after pope's announcement

Lightning strikes St Peter's dome at the Vatican.

(Credit: AFP/Getty Images)

Just hours after Pope Benedict XVI announced his resignation, a camera captured a bolt of lightning striking St. Peter's basilica in Vatican City.

35 years ago, a blizzard buried the Island

A Nassau police officer holds a flare on

(Credit: Newsday, 1978 / Stan Wolfson)

As Long Island prepares for a blizzard threatening to dump more than 20 inches of snow in some spots, we're looking back to a similar storm in 1978 that left behind a reported 26 inches in Ronkonkoma and made the paper's cover exactly 35 years ago today.

A Newsday article on the 1978 storm reported "hundreds of motorists were rescued by snowmobile and four-wheel drive vehicles...

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Introducing Newsday Now

Welcome to Newsday Now! We hope to become a gathering spot for Long Islanders interested in:

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