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Today in history: U.S. invasion of Iraq

Newsday's cover on March 20, 2003.

Today marks 10 years since then-President George W. Bush announced the beginning of the U.S.-led invasion in Iraq. CBS News has uploaded video of that address, which you can view on YouTube by clicking here:

Smoke rises from the Trade Ministry in Baghdad after it was hit by a missile. (March 20, 2003) Photo Credit: AP

While the announcement is 10 years behind...

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Bill Clinton celebrates with Louisville basketball team after big win

President Clinton celebrates with the Louisville Cardinals.

(Credit: Chane Behanan on Instagram)

What's more exciting: advancing to the semifinals of the Big East Conference Tournament semifinals, or partying with a former leader of the free world?

CBS Sports reports Bill Clinton surprised the Louisville men's hoops team in the locker room Thursday after a big win over Villanova.

Sophomore Chane Behanan documented the visit and posted some group shots on Instagram.


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Newsday's coverage of the new pope -- today, and through the years

Pope Paul VI in 1963; Pope John Paul

(Credit: AP)

Jorge Bergoglio claimed the title of Pope Francis in Vatican City Wednesday, becoming the Church's 266th pontiff.

Newsday, which first hit the stands in 1940, has been around to cover the elections of six new popes.

Check out the paper's front pages from those historic days below.

Today's Newsday cover: 

Newsday's cover from April 20, 2005, the day after Pope...

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