Steve Matthews / February 18 at Aqueduct

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6 Furlongs. 4&up. Fillies and Mares. Claiming $12,500. Purse: $22,000. Post -- 12:30 p.m.

1Nine Cracks(L)116Coa1-4-7Galluscio6-1


3Stay Composed(L)115Ortiz5-6-9Brown3-1

4Goonsquad(L)113Rodriguez7-9-1Badgett, Jr8-1

5Shes Tuff as Nails(L)120Perez7-7-7Kettell15-1


7Proud Siren(L)120Camacho, Jr4-2-5Granville6-1

Sheerflakesofgold should pack amplified kick with cutback to sprint. Proud Siren also closes strongly on best efforts. Stay Composed owns speed and was compromiswed by poor start in last; dangerous. Goonsquad is training consistently for first start since June.

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6 Furlongs. 3yo. Fillies. Maiden Claiming $20,000. Purse: $28,000.

1Guyana Star(L)120Lezcano6-5-6Persaud12-1

2Boathouse Roe(L1)113Coax-x-xFriedman15-1

3Kiss the Daddy(L1)113Rodriguezx-x-xRodriguez6-1


4True Joanie True(L)120Silvera3-5-xRodriguez5-2

5Southside Sis(L)120Velasquez2-5-xFriedman3-1



8My Bella Beauty(L1)120Luzzix-x-xEsler15-1

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Lazulite drops and tallied field's fastest final fraction two starts back. True Joanie True adds blinkers and will prove very tough on a soft lead. Southside Sis was a clear-cut second behind a runaway winner in last; very playable.


1 Mile & 70 Yards. 3yo. Fillies. Maiden Special Weight. Purse: $65,000.

1Merry Meadow(L)120Cohen5-2-2Hennig2-1

2Everything Matters(L)120Pimentel4-x-xCorreas, IV4-1

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4Industrial Policy(L)115Ortiz3-2-xBrown8-5

5Secret Union120Alvarado5-x-xMcLaughlin7-2

Secret Union hails from potent second-out stable and will appreciate today's added ground. Merry Meadow owns sprinter's speed and starts from the fence; big-time danger. Industrial Policy has delivered solid efforts in both starts; right in the thick of this.


6 Furlongs. The HOLLIE HUGHES. 3&up. NY Bred. Purse: $75,000.

1Be Bullish(L)119Cohen4-1-2Jacobson4-1


3Uncle T Seven(L)119Castro5-4-2Rodriguez8-1



Readytodefer has won two straight and projects as the main speed once again. Saginaw looms the prime beneficiary if top selection hits the wall in the lane. Sportswriter packs potent stretch kick on 'A' game.


1 Mile & 70 Yards. Starter Optional Claiming. 4&up. Purse: $51,000.

1Assured Victory(L)118Cohen2-4-1Brown6-1



4Magic Harbor(L)118Velasquez2-1-5Rodriguez5-1


6Street Fight(L)120Castro2-1-9Contessa5-2


Assured Victory was speed sharpened in sprint last time and projects as the controlling front-runner on the rail. Magic Harbor makes first start since claimed by Rudy Rodriguez and could roll past them all if pace meltdown ensues. Terminus owns fast numbers on best efforts.


1 Mile & 70 Yards. 3yo. Fillies. Maiden Special Weight. NY Bred. Purse: $55,000.

1Chloe Bear(L)113Rodriguez2-2-4Kelly2-1

2Brickhouse Baby(L)120Cohen2-9-10Violette, Jr15-1

3La Bella Chabella(L)120Luzzi4-2-2Levine5-1

4Life's a Stage(L)120Morales5-x-xLostritto20-1

5Physical Delivery(L)120Hill3-2-6Baker10-1

6City Gone Wild(L)120Velasquez3-4-xRice3-1

7Soul Opposition(L)115Ortiz3-6-xLevine6-1

8Current Event(L)113Coa3-5-xRice8-1

9Desert Traveler(L)120Silvera3-3-5Badgett, Jr12-1

City Gone Wild was pace and trip compromised when third in last; more to give. Brickhouse Baby logged four tight works since a very game second in last; very playable. La Bella Chabella is speedy but has lost ground in the stretch in every start; handle with care at short ticket.


6 Furlongs. 4&up. Fillies and Mares. Claiming $35,000-$25,000. Purse: $40,000.

2Granby Girl(L)112Coa1-3-5Ortiz15-1


4We Need V L T's(L)117Castro4-4-4Persaud12-1

1Isn't She Grand(L)118Morales5-7-3Rodriguez5-2

5Magnificent Mia(L)118Cohen4-3-6Gonzalez5-1


7Elusive Jozi(L)118Velasquez2-2-2Barbara3-1

1aEasy Ending(L)113Ortiz9-4-1Rodriguez5-2

Expression drops and gets favorable turnback to sprint. Aliraven fought back gamely to win last two starts; very dangerous. We Need V L T's logged improved pace figure in last; price will be tempting. Elusive Jozi has finished second in last four starts; minor awards once again? Isn't She Grand owns fast back numbers.


6 Furlongs. 4&up. Claiming $30,000-$25,000. Purse: $36,000.



4Mason's Comprise(L)120Perez2-8-3Grusmark15-1

1Blue Creek(L)120Velasquez1-2-3Rice5-2

1aPoint Taken(L)113Coa1-10-2Rice5-2


6Political Justice(L)120Alvarado3-6-4Araya12-1

7Giant Indian(L)120Fragoso3-2-1Gonzalez4-1

8Shotgun City(L)120Silvera3-7-4Persaud5-1

Giant Indian packs solid late kick on best and rates close call based on price potential. Political Justice is speedy and fired half-mile bullet for first start in 10 weeks; very playable. Blue Creek was a clear-cut winner in last and has been a hot commodity at the claim box; worth long look.


1 Mile & 70 Yards. 4&up. Fillies and Mares. Allowance Optional Claiming. NY Bred. Purse: $57,000.

1She's Always Hot(L)118Alvarado3-11-2Allard5-1

2Hall of Flame(L)118Lezcano7-9-1Ubillo30-1

3Royal Suspicion(L)118Castro2-4-4Ryerson6-1

4Karma Police(L)111Rodriguez2-5-8DiPrima6-1

5Sugar Beach(L)120Velasquez3-1-1Gonzalez7-2

6Motion Lounge(L)113Ortiz2-10-2Schettino5-2

7Evan's Rocket(L)111Coa5-6-4Jerkens15-1

8Grace's Neh Neh(L)120Pimentel1-2-2Rodriguez12-1

9My Unbridled Storm(L)120Luzzi1-5-5Gyarmati8-1

She's Always Hot was pace and position compromised in last and should move forward in second start since Fourth of July. Sugar Beach can prove a big-time front-end threat on best efforts. Evan's Rocket can impact if pace collapse comes to pass.


6 Furlongs. 4&up. Maiden Claiming $12,500. Purse: $20,000.

1Moonshine Ridge(L)111Davis7-4-9Matties15-1

2Music Man Stan(L)114Coa5-6-xColetti, Sr.15-1


4My Cousin Eddie(L)114Rodriguez3-3-3Gullo5-1

5A. F. Hennessey(L)116Ortiz2-3-2Parisella9-5

6Tactical Saenz(L)121Cohen2-4-5Chatterpaul3-1

7Its What I Do(L)121Luzzi8-6-xDiSanto6-1

8Vengeful Pride114Tomas4-5-3O'Brien20-1

9Corybant(L1)121Camacho, Jr7-x-xSciacca20-1

10Uptown Ball(L)121DeCarlo3-9-2Sacco10-1

Vengeful Pride displayed improved speed in last and should offer best value in weak nightcap. A. F. Hennessey drops to lifetime low and makes first start since moving to John Parisella stable; could easily take this. Tactical Saenz was a game second in last; right in the thick of this. Milesmore earned solid numbers in last two outings; must consider.

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