Steve Matthews / July 11 at Belmont

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1 Mile. Claiming $20,000. 3&up. Purse: $31,000.

Post -- 1:05 p.m.

2Big City Boy(L)122Lezcano9-3-9Servis5-1

3Cash Your Ticket(L)124Saez1-6-5Ness8-1

1Road Agent(L)117Cohen3-3-2Jacobson8-5

4Song of Aspen(L)117Alvarado4-6-1Persaud20-1

5Wild Perfection(L)117Maragh7-5-1Antonucci10-1

6Shertzer(L)122Ortiz, Jr4-4-3Barbara6-1

1aNorth Ocean(L)122Rosario1-9-4Jacobson8-5

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7August Osage(L)122Ortiz5-2-6Rodriguez5-2

Jacobson entry: Road Agent projects as the main speed and mate North Ocean makes first start since claimed; potent pairing. August Osage should be tighter in second start in more than a year. Shertzer goes turf to dirt and drops; dangerous.


5 1/2 Furlongs. Maiden Special Weight. 2yo. Fillies. Purse: $70,000.



2Ari the Adventurer(L1)118Velazquezx-x-xPletcher4-5

3Cosi Celeste118Solisx-x-xJerkens5-1

4Dance Tap(L1)118Maraghx-x-xPletcher3-1

5Sky Crew(L1)118Ortiz, Jrx-x-xSchosberg10-1

Lochan compiled tight work tab for debut; best guess based on price potential. Ari the Adventurer shows work tab that culminated with 5-furlong bullet. Dance Tap is an uncoupled barn mate of 'Ari'; Pletcher dominance of 2-year-old races continues?

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1 Mile. (Widener Turf). Claiming $35,000. 3&up. Fillies and Mares. Purse: $39,000.

1Red Code(L)122Lezcano7-7-9Antonucci15-1



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4Sense of a Woman(L)117Rosario1-7-3Gullo7-2

5Tie Dye(L)117Prado6-5-12Kimmel6-1


7Heidi's Holiday(L)112Franco7-12-4Ribaudo15-1

8Let the Kitten Run(L)122Ortiz, Jr4-2-4Barbara3-1

Tie Dye exits sprints and could play out as the controlling front-runner in third start for form cycle. Correspondent was a tough-trip second in last and nwo makes first start since claimed by DAS/Jacobson; very dangerous. Sense of a Woman moves to turf after dominant, 17-length score in the slop last month; right in the thick of this.


7 Furlongs. Claiming $20,000-$18,000. 3&up. Fillies and Mares. Purse: $36,000.

1Lily Lynn(L)120Ortiz1-2-6Rodriguez4-1


3My Sparky(L)122Fragoso6-4-1Weaver4-1

4E Z Passer(L)117Franco6-5-8Rojas12-1

5Delightful Dawn(L)120Cohen1-3-2Jacobson3-1

6Hey Babe(L)122Velasquez4-1-5Friedman5-2

7Rhonin Victoria(L)122Ortiz, Jr6-3-1Barbara5-1

Hey Babe regressed in last after fast-figured win in prior; rebounds today. Hoopskirt returns to dirt, owns fast back figures and fired crisp half-mile work last week. Delightful Dawn and Lily Lynn are last-race winners that must be factored into the mix.


1 Mile. Allowance Optional Claiming. 3&up. Fillies and Mares.

NY Bred. Purse: $69,000.


2Guyana Princess(L)122Maragh4-7-6Lalman12-1

3Haldane(L)122Ortiz, Jr2-2-3Galluscio2-1

4Tahoe Tigress(L)122Ortiz1-1-8Englehart5-2

5Miss Da Point(L)117Velasquez1-8-6Toscano, Jr3-1

6Necessary Luxury(L)122Rosario6-4-4Heffner8-1

Tahoe Tigress has won last three dirt starts and fired swift half-mile work on July 4. Necessary Luxury returns to dirt after being eliminated at the start last time; worth long look. Newbie displayed improved speed in last; very interesting.


1 1/16 Mile. (Inner Turf). Maiden Claiming $16,000. 3&up. Fillies and Mares. Purse: $26,000.

1Taylor Jagger(L)119Maragh11-5-2Esler15-1

2Miz Owell(L)119Ortiz, Jr7-8-10Maker7-2



5Rufus Ruth(L)119Lezcano11-9-xBush10-1

6Controlled Neglect(L)124Velasquez3-4-11Day5-1

7Three Times Bea112Tomas9-6-7Weaver6-1

8Bunhead(L)124Saez10-6-2Badgett, Jr8-1


Main Track Only

10Andromeda's Coming119No Rider8-8-xDomino8-1

Bunhead returns from 67-day freshener and drops to lifetime low; takes this on best. Three Times Bea makes first start with maiden claiming tag and third start of form cycle; very playable. Miz Owell returns to grass after displaying newfound speed in last; dangerous.


6 Furlongs. Claiming $17,500-$15,500. 3&up. Purse: $30,000.


2Taproot(L)122Ortiz, Jr8-1-6Servis10-1


4Chasing Moonlight(L)122Ortiz5-2-2Galluscio5-1

5Buckeye Heart(L)120Maragh10-6-3Levine6-1

6Roman Invasion(L)122Rosario6-1-3Jacobson3-1

7Temecula Creek(L)124Velasquez6-1-1Jacobson8-1

Terminus gets class relief after logging improved internal figures in last; call based on price. Cayambe tallies fast figs with machine-like consistency and now makes first start since claimed by Midwest/Ness; could easily romp. Roman Invasion hails from dynamic DAS/Jacobson stable; more than good enough on best.


1 1/16 Mile. (Widener Turf). 3yo. Fillies. Purse: $62,000.

1Win for Kitten(L)118Lezcano2-2-1Clement5-2


3Alternative Meds(L)120Ortiz6-1-1Duggan8-1

4Threetimesacharm(L)118Ortiz, Jr1-9-xWilson30-1

5Garmentos Girl(L)118Rosario5-1-5McGaughey III7-2

6Dattts Da Boss(L)118Maragh4-1-6Hennig5-1


8Eddy Gourmet(L)118Prado7-6-1Tagg4-1

Main Track Only

9Majestic Marquet(L)118Velasquez3-1-1Rodriguez2-1

10Rock Show(L)118Espinoza1-4-8Terranova,II12-1

11Galloping Giraffe(L)118Velazquez1-5-xPletcher5-2

Eddy Gourmet sheds the blinkers after pace and trip compromised in last; half-mile work on Sunday seals the deal. Justoneatheguys is rested and 1-for-1 on Belmont sod; very dangerous. Win for Kitten consistently logs fast figures; logical, short-priced player.


1 Mile & 1 Eighth. (Inner Turf). Maiden Special Weight. 3&up. Fillies and Mares. Purse: $75,000.

1Path of Dreams(L)119Saez4-2-4Pletcher6-1

2Magical World(L)119Velazquez9-2-xMcGaughey III5-1

3Arriba Anna(L)119Lezcano2-2-xBrown5-2

4Neolexia(L)119Ortiz, Jr6-3-6Toner15-1

5Poster Girl(L)119Alvarado7-5-6Shirreffs15-1

6Perfect Package(L)119Velasquez2-4-5Hushion7-2

7Giant's Jewel(L)119Prado5-3-3Bush15-1

8Winner's Legacy(L)119Maragh9-2-3Weaver20-1


10Glenwood Pines(L)119Solis7-x-xMott15-1


Main Track Only

12Miss Emilia(L)124No Rider2-6-4McGaughey III4-1

Neolexia gets added furlong after notching swift final fraction in last; half-mile bullet on June 29 adds to appeal. Treasured compiled bullet-riddled work tab since non-threatening debut on March 3; improvement predicted. Poster Girl is another that's trained sharply since last start; very interesting. Perfect Package owns sprinter's speed and could play out as the controlling front-runner.

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