Steve Matthews / May 3 at Belmont

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6 Furlongs. Starter Optional Claiming. 3yo. Fillies. Purse: $55,000. Post -- 1:05 p.m.

1My Bella Beauty(L)118Castro3-4-1Esler10-1

2Currency Union(L)120Cohen1-7-4Antonucci7-2

3Sweet Sway(L)120Velasquez2-1-1Rodriguez2-1

4Sister City(L)115Rodriguez1-5-6Hushion5-2


6Run a Dubb Dubb(L)120Maragh2-1-3Persaud4-1

Sister City overcame slow start to win last at FG and now makes first start since claimed by Mike Hushion. Sweet Sway owns fast figs and has won three of last four; big-time danger. Currency Union earned solid number when front-running winner in last; must consider.


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1 Mile. Maiden Special Weight. 3&up. Fillies and Mares. Purse: $75,000.

1Madgi(L)118Solis3-x-xViolette, Jr2-1

2Sister State118Ortiz, Jr4-2-xMcLaughlin5-2

3Make It Anywhere(L)118Maragh7-x-xBrown5-1



5Street Beauty(L1)118Saezx-x-xTagg7-2

Madgi tallied solid final fraction in debut last summer and is firing bullets for return. Previous shows work tab that culminated with half-mile bullet; follow the money. Sister State delivered strong efforts in both starts at GP; right in the thick of this.


6 1/2 Furlongs. Maiden Claiming $65,000. 3yo. Fillies. Purse: $48,000.

1Merry Meadow(L)120Ortiz, Jr3-2-5Hennig4-1

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2Saturday Nthe Park(L)120Ortiz3-2-2McLaughlin2-1

3Garmentos Girl(L)120Lezcano5-5-2McGaughey III5-1

4Miss Glory(L1)120Falkx-x-xFalk20-1

5Baroness Amira(L)113Franco2-x-xRodriguez5-2

6Glorious Exit(L)120Maragh3-x-xMareina4-1

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Glorious Exit logged three crisp works since tough-trip third in well-bet debut; call based on price potential. Saturday Nthe Park has finished second in last three starts; continues trend? Garmentos Girl never fired when favored in last at GP; dangerous on 'A' game.


6 1/2 Furlongs. Allowance Optional Claiming. 3&up. Fillies and Mares. Purse: $72,000.


2Finders Key(L)122Castro3-2-4Albertrani4-1

3McCarren Park(L)122Saez4-1-4Asmussen7-2

4Hot Roots(L)115Franco5-6-5Ness12-1

5Magical Weekend(L)122Maragh1-3-xBrown5-2

6Belle Gallantey(L)122Velasquez2-2-4Friedman5-1

Belle Gallantey turns back to sprint and should pack amplified kick in evenly-matched field. Finders Key adds blinkers and is 1-for-1 at 6 1/2-furlong distance; dangerous. McCarren Park is fresh and owns fast numbers on best efforts.


6 Furlongs. (Inner Turf). Maiden Claiming $25,000. 3&up. Purse: $32,000.

1Imperial Bluegrazz(L)118Velasquez7-7-2Dutrow4-1

2Ballybrit(L1)118Fragoso8-9-xTurner, Jr30-1

3Moonlite Encounter(L)108Hiraldo9-6-9Shivmangal15-1

4Antone Suavey(L)124Ortiz3-8-8Quartarolo12-1

5M P Ruckus(L)124Ortiz, Jr4-2-xBarker12-1

6Get Off the Stoop(L)118Castro9-5-11Bond20-1

7Lakota Freud(L)117Franco5-3-2Rodriguez6-5


9It's Huge(L)124Maragh11-6-3Englehart6-1

10Smoke Town(L)118Saez3-6-6Nevin6-1


Lakota Freud notched solid late pace figs on turf last year and fired 5-furlong bullet drill for return. Smoke Town owns speed and makes third start of form cycle; serious player. Antone Suavey made late rally when third at 95-1 in last; long-priced exotics player once again.


1 Mile. Claiming $15,000. 3&up. Fillies and Mares. Purse: $29,000.


2Cherokee Fog(L)116Lezcano4-1-9Zito9-2

3Luck in the City(L)122Ortiz4-2-7Jerkens12-1


5D. Frost118Ortiz, Jr1-x-xJerkens10-1

6Pure Afleet(L)118Velasquez2-1-6Jacobson3-1


8Honey Due Tell(L)115Franco8-6-9Sciacca30-1


10Stately Cat(L)112Rivera5-2-1Persaud6-1

Bozique drops, returns to dirt and could rebound to best efforts at juicy ticket. Dissension also gets class relief and packs solid late kick on 'A' game. Jazzington was pace compromised when a clear-cut second in last; dangerous.


1 1/16 Mile. (Widener Turf). 3&up. Fillies and Mares. NY Bred. Purse: $62,000.

1Heart of New York(L)116Lezcano5-2-1Brown3-5

2Fantastic Eyes(L)118Lezcano1-5-5Aquilino20-1

3Mlle Margaux(L)116Maragh7-1-6Feron20-1


5Chloe Bear(L)118Espinoza1-2-5Kelly6-1

6Eurokay by Me(L)115Franco5-3-3Schwartz12-1

7Porvoo(L)122Cotto, Jr2-6-7Nichol15-1

8Adriatic Dream(L)116Velasquez2-1-3Donk5-1

Main Track Only

9Delta Doyenne(L)116Velasquez1-4-xDutrow8-5

Chloe Bear notched two, crisp half-mile works since hard-charging victory in last; pairs up. Adriatic Dream consistently logs fast final fractions and should have more to give in second start since five-month absence. Heart of New York is 1-for-1 on Belmont sod and training with a purpose for first start since New Year's Day.


6 Furlongs. (Inner Turf). Allowance Optional Claiming. 3&up. NY Bred. Purse: $59,000.

1Karakorum Elektra(L)112Coa7-2-6Rice6-1

2Driven by Solar(L)115Franco1-6-1Ness3-1

3Dr Disco(L)122Velasquez3-3-3Jacobson8-1



6Uncle T Seven(L)122Saez5-4-5Rodriguez7-2

7Hear the Footsteps(L)122Ortiz3-4-2Rice10-1

8Mia Poppy(L)122Ortiz, Jr9-10-6Schettino6-1


Main Track Only

10Tancredi(L)122No Rider1-2-1Barbara8-1


Hear the Footsteps packs solid stretch kick on best efforts and should receive favorable setup in probable pace dynamics. Karakorum Elektra, an uncoupled barn mate of top selection, also closes strongly and owns 10 wins on Belmont grass. Dr Disco earned improved pace figure in last; must consider. Writingonthewall (dominant winner in last) and Uncle T Seven (returns to claiming ranks) are two more contenders in deep field.


1 1/16 Mile. (Widener Turf). Allowance Optional Claiming. 3&up. Purse: $77,000.

1Reaching Out(L)116Maragh1-1-6Rodriguez8-1

2Gimme Credit(L)122Cohen1-5-1Jacobson5-1


4Ampersand(L)122Solis7-5-1Violette, Jr12-1

5Ruthless Alley(L)115Franco1-7-4Ubillo30-1


7Citizen Wells(L)122Saez4-2-1Weaver8-1

8Idle American(L)122Espinoza6-3-4Kelly12-1

9Stormy Len(L)116Ortiz, Jr4-8-6Donk12-1

10Giant Indian(L)122Castro1-4-4Adsit30-1


Main Track Only

12Sovereign Default(L)122Cohen7-5-1Jacobson4-1

Idle American tallies swift final fractions on 'A' game and should offer generous ticket in wide-open nightcap. Plainview is speedy, rested and training sharply; very dangerous. Kharafa also is working strongly and owns two wins from four starts on Belmont turf. Cantonic owns fast figs and hails from white-hot Mike Maker stable; right in the thick of this.


6 Furlongs. (Inner Turf). Claiming $25,000. 3&up. Purse: $40,000.

2Victorious Leader(L)115Tomas6-1-5O'Brien8-1


4Regal Strike(L)122Ortiz5-1-2Jacobson8-1


6Capetown Devil(L)122Lezcano1-4-4Hess, Jr3-1

7Evacuation Route(L)122Luzzi5-4-5Gargan10-1

8Top Yank(L)115Franco9-6-8Pringle20-1

9Decisive Move(L)122Velasquez8-4-4Rice4-1

10Crown the Chief(L)122Castro2-3-4Sciacca6-1

11East Indies(L)122Davis5-5-9Signore, Jr30-1

12Galaxy Kat(L)122Lezcano6-3-8Aquilino30-1

1Alston Gunter(L)122Cohen2-1-2Brown6-1

Also Eligible

13Thunder Brew(L)122Solis6-9-5Pecoraro6-1

Main Track Only

14Rigby(L)122No Rider1-4-7Rodriguez2-1

15Burned Bridges(L)122No Rider4-5-6Gullo8-1

1aAfternoon Treat(L)115Franco7-2-3Brown6-1

Ziptronic compiled eye-catching work tab for first start since October and packs potent late kick on 'A' game. Decisive Move is fresh and could play out as the speed of the speed. Evacuation Route could impact if pace meltdown ensues. Capetown Devil drops and owns fast numbers on best efforts.

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