Mississippi thumbs its (fat) nose at Bloomberg-like regulation of food and drink

(Getty Images)

(Getty Images) (Credit: (Getty Images))

An "anti-Bloomberg" law is now in effect in the country's fattest state.

Mississippi Tuesday barred municipalities from requiring nutrition labels and regulating portion sizes, i.e. supersized sodas.

Mississippi Gov. Phil Bryant said in a statement that the law he signed Monday "protects consumers' freedom of choice and avoids a patchwork of regulations ... It simply is not the role of the government to micro-regulate citizens' dietary decisions."

On 710 WOR's John Gambling show Friday, Mayor Michael Bloomberg said enacting such a law defied belief, given that the lifespan of a Mississippi resident is already 20 years less than that of a New Yorker. "If you wrote a book about it, if you wrote a movie, nobody would produce the movie. It would be so inconceivable, it would be ridiculous," Bloomberg said.

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