MTA gets tips on sharing info graphically with riders

(Getty Images)

(Getty Images) (Credit: (Getty Images))

A report yesterday gave the MTA some tips for sharing its wealth of information on the transit system with riders.

The report by the Permanent Citizens Advisory Committee to the MTA said that despite the agency's troves of data about its operations, it could do a better job of relaying that info to riders.

"Being able to visualize each station and being able to look at how much pain are the riders in at that station, have they been under construction, have they had recurring maintenance, has their service been suffering there?" said Ellyn Shannon, the report's author, according to CBS.

The report adds that the agency should create three pilot programs, including an app that would allow riders to access information on MTA performance, public hearings and other topics.

The MTA said it was receptive to the report's findings.

"We appreciate the work the PCAC has put into illuminating a way forward, and we've dedicated a task force to look at implementation," the MTA said.


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