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Kurofune in Commack: First bites

"Jalapeno tuna" is a fired-up, special roll at

(Credit: Newsday / Peter M. Gianotti)

Kurofune is experiencing something rarely seen recently: a full dining room.

The veteran Japanese restaurant is under new management, as countless signs outside advise. Inside, the once-genteel spot is looking spiffier, too. More important, the food has improved.

You'll find all the suburban standbys. But there are a few surprises, too. The "jalapeno tuna" roll does pack some heat and...

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Pizzas with the personal touch

Centro Cucina's pizzas draw praise. Among the favorites

(Credit: Barbara Alper)

This time of year, when you’re busy shopping for others, you might want to take a little time out to be served a pizza that’s just for you.

Here are three of our favorite “personal” pizzas — sized 12 inches or less. All may be found near shopping hubs.


In a shopping center that’s home to high-end department store outlets is this sleek...

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Holiday nougat house at Uncle Giuseppe's

Torrone house at Uncle Giuseppe's in Smithtown. (Dec.

(Credit: Newsday / Peter M. Gianotti)

Gingerbread houses, often as inedible as they are ornate, have a tasty and good-looking competitor this season.

It's the torrone house.

Uncle Giuseppe's Marketplace sells an entirely edible and handsomely decorated holiday house made of nougat. The cost of this heavyweight centerpiece is $199.99.

 It's currently available at the Uncle Giuseppe's stores in Smithtown, Port Jefferson...

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Soup dumplings debut at Green Tea Restaurant in Stony Brook

Steamed crab and pork soup dumplings are now

(Credit: Green Tea Restaurant)

The new Green Tea Restaurant in Stony Brook, which garnered a two-and-a-half-star rating in November, seemed to have just about everything you’d want from a place specializing in authentic multiregional Chinese cuisine. Everything, that is, except soup dumplings.

That situation has been remedied. Now, steamed soup dumplings may be ordered with pork ($6.25) or a combination of crab and pork...

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EAT Gastropub in Oceanside: First bites

The homestyle chicken pot pie at Eat Gastropub

(Credit: Newsday / Joan Reminick)

With gastropubs cropping up all over Long Island, it’s getting to be a challenge distinguishing one craft-beer-and-updated-comfort-food venue from the other. Yet despite its rather commonplace name, the new EAT Gastropub in Oceanside sets itself apart.

For one thing, it has an on-site greenhouse for growing many of the herbs, greens and even the beets that may end up on your plate. Then, there’s...

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Black Friday eats, kid-friendly and mall-convenient

Amber Razvi, left, of Islip, and her brother,

(Credit: Linda Rosier)

Black Friday is upon us, ushering in a weekend — actually a month — of shopping and schlepping. If you’ve got your kids with you at the mall, then you're not just looking for bargains. You're looking for somewhere that caters to junior appetites so that nobody gets cranky.

Help is here in the form of a guide to eateries with kids' menus either in or near the mall. We wish you good eating and...

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Long Island restaurants: New reviews

The chef's choice, or omakase, of sashimi and

(Credit: Yvonne Albinowski)

In this week’s Newsday, Peter Gianotti reviews 110 Japan, which opened in the huge former Best Buffet site just opposite Walt Whitman Shops in Huntington Station. “Fancified and definitely improved,” he writes, the restaurant comprises a “bright, blue-light lounge,” a “serene main dining room and sushi bar, and the 12-table, spatula-clanging, hibachi space that provides sound effects throughout.”...

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Post-Thanksgiving sushi

Peter's Clam Bar in Island Park serves turkey

(Credit: Peter's Clam Bar)

You’ve had your fill of white and dark meat. And stuffing. In fact, you may be feeling like a big stuffed bird yourself.

Even so, you have to eat something. Just make it light. And colorful. And about as far from Thanksgiving dinner as it gets.

Sushi fits the bill on all counts. So, here are some places featuring sushi sure to revive your flagging appetite.


At this...

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Thanksgiving Eve: A game plan

A turkey rests in the pan after being

(Credit: Bruce Gilbert)

Reader, if you are eating Thanksgiving dinner in a restaurant, I envy you. This item is not for you. But if you are cooking Thanksgiving, I offer this last-minute advice.

If you do not already own an oven thermometer and an instant-read meat thermometer, stop reading right now, go to the nearest Bed Bath & Beyond, and buy these two indispensable items.

Find out your local supermarket’s...

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Thanksgiving advice: We’re here to help

Long Island Chef Marc Anthony Bynum makes an

(Credit: Doug Young)

Thanksgiving preparations have started in earnest: shopping, brining, blind-baking and, perhaps, a little panicking. Relax, we’re here to help--in a variety of social media platforms.

You can leave a comment below, email me at erica.marcus@newsday.com, tweet @FeedMeLI or Instagram a photo of whatever’s giving you problems to @erica_marcus_newsday. I'll be fielding questions until 7 p.m. on...

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