NORWALK - Norwalk police say they are honoring four people who helped rescue 40 kids off of a school bus that stalled on train tracks in mid-December.

They say the actions of the four people helped save the lives of an entire school bus of kids from Silvermine Elementary School. The bus driver, a nearby employee, and a mother and son are all being honored.

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According to police, on Dec. 18, a school bus stopped prior to the Metro-North train tracks on Broad Street as per protocol. However, when the driver tried to continue across the tracks, the bus stalled. Moments later, as a train neared the crossing, police say the bus driver got 40 elementary school kids off the bus, and a family that happened to be in the area helped get the passengers to safety.

Police were able to reach Metro-North and the oncoming train stopped about 10 feet short of the bus.

Norwalk's police chief says the quick thinking of everyone on the scene contributed to the safe outcome.