SEASIDE PARK - Officials gave News 12 New Jersey the first close-up look at the damage from the Seaside Park boardwalk fire.

The rides and stands that have made memories for so many New Jerseyans were gone in just a couple of hours.

The area faces complete and total destruction, after last Thursday's fire ripped through building after building.

Most of the rides were destroyed, including the popular carousel.

The heat was so intense, that in most cases, it has left nothing but memories for those who worked there.

Only the Funtown Park Arcade and the famous Sawmill survived. Authorities say a sprinkler system, installed around the Sawmill activated as the intense heat increased, keeping the building wet and the flames at bay.

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Smoke continued to rise Wednesday from the ashes as hot spots continue to keep firefighters on call, ready to return to soak down another possible flare up.

For an extended look at damage from the Seaside Park fire, visit News 12 Extra on Channel 612.