THE BRONX - The latest set of suspected gang members who were rounded up in Morrisania earlier this week appeared in court Friday. 

As News 12 has reported, authorities arrested 34 suspects after a 15-month investigation into gang activity. Investigators say the suspects’ posts on social media sites helped police connect them to their crimes.

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According to the district attorney, one of the defendants posted on his Facebook, “We ready for war, my dudes are knocking on the doors, click clack, now all you see is brains on the floor."

Investigators say the suspects are members of warring gangs that operate around the Forest Houses. They go by the names "Forest Over Everything" and "Six Four Goons." 

Ten of the 34 men and women taken into custody Wednesday already pleaded not guilty Thursday. The suspects are being hit with a total of 80 charges, including conspiracy and attempted murder. 

Detectives say they started looking into the rival gangs after the shooting death of 4-year-old Lloyd Morgan, who is believed to have been caught in the gangs' crossfire back in July 2012.

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The district attorney’s office says additional gang members are still being sought.