Editorial: A sign of post-literate times?

A misspelled Jones Beach sign on the southbound A misspelled Jones Beach sign on the southbound Robert Moses Causeway. (Aug. 8, 2013) Photo Credit: News12

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No one is more empathetic than a newspaper when it comes to typos. We get it. But the state Department of Transportation is leaving us jonesing for some spell-check.

A brown sign just installed on the southbound Robert Moses Causeway directed motorists west toward "Jonse Beach." Those five-letter words can be difficult, especially when they present a complicated spelling for an obscure place. But how many state workers designed, wrote and inspected this sign before it was hoisted into place?

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Don't be too hard on yourself, DOT. The Metropolitan Transportation Authority this past week fixed four signs at a "Roosvelt" Avenue subway station in Queens. That's another gimme, especially with two U.S. presidents from New York who share the name.

The MTA does have a better case for its misspelling of the Hoyt-Schermerhorn Station on the A, C and G lines. It forgot the middle "r," a mistake also noticed this past week. To be fair, Schermerhorn is hard to even say, let alone spell.

This might be evidence that we're on the poorly proofread road toward a post-spelling society. If that dreadful day comes, we'll need a whole lot more of those adhesive overlays DOT is using to repair its sign for Jonse, er, Jones Beach.

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