Committee's pick for TZ Bridge is least expensive

The plan could mean that commuters will dodge hefty toll hikes.

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TARRYTOWN - The committee appointed by Gov. Andrew Cuomo to oversee the new Tappan Zee Bridge picked the cheapest of the three plans on the table, and it could mean that commuters will dodge some hefty toll hikes.

Proposal No. 1 would replace the current span with one that looks like two upside-down "H"s, at a pricetag of $3.1 billion. Earlier this year, transportation experts said tolls on the new bridge could cost $14, but now Cuomo staffers say the toll will likely be lower to correlate with the lower projected cost of the bridge.

The governor's committee doesn't get final say; the New York State Thruway Authority still must select the plan that it wants for the bridge. It's expected to choose the final design on Dec. 17.

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