Residents in a few local school districts go to the polls this week to vote on bond issues. Two in particular will test the mood of voters:

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In Bellmore-Merrick, a $50-million bond would fund facility upgrades for the district's five schools. The average home would see taxes rise $104 a year. The vote is Monday. In Sewanhaka, which has five aging high schools, it's a $99.5-million bond for upgrades. The average tax bill there would rise $144 a year. That vote is on Wednesday.

In both places, the state would pick up significant portions of the upgrade costs. However, did both districts need to gild the necessary renovations with millions for synthetic turf fields for sports teams, five in Bellmore-Merrick and five in Sewanhaka? The vote could be a bellwether for what Long Islanders find acceptable -- and what they don't.