The internecine feud that plagues the 9th District has two Democrats facing off. Incumbent Monica Martinez, 38, of Brentwood, is running on the Working Families, Independence and Women's Equality party lines after ballot petitions she and her campaign collected were challenged by opponents as being fraudulent -- which led her to withdraw from her party's primary. Giovanni Mata, 36, of Brentwood, has the Democratic line.

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Martinez has been a strong advocate for her district. She sounded an early alarm on the illegal dumping at Roberto Clemente park, opened a resource center in Brentwood and obtained funding for youth programs. Mata says that's not enough for their high-needs district, and he pledges also to address problems with homelessness and addiction. Those are issues for Martinez, too, who touts her homeless outreach and relationship with local police.

Mata says he will deliver. Martinez already has, and is capable of more. With the caveat that we are very concerned about her petition problems, Newsday endorses Martinez.