Letter: Ban guns outright as death instruments

This image released by the Fresno County Sheriff

This image released by the Fresno County Sheriff via KMPH-TV shows guns seized from Christopher Haga, who was arrested is Sept. 2011 after police found this stash of assault rifles. (Credit: AP)

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"Still fighting for peace" [News, April 27] concerned Rep. Carolyn McCarthy (D-Mineola) and Joyce Gorycki, who both lost their husbands to a shooter on a Long Island Rail Road train 20 years ago.

"Still" is the word -- and it will still be "still" 20 years from now unless the federal government takes a stance to rectify the obsolete Second Amendment. The ubiquitous mantra quoting the Constitution, chimed by every gun-toter, is the culprit. I cringe when I hear people, even President Barack Obama, say we must respect the Second Amendment.

No ordinary citizen needs a gun. It's an instrument of death and must be banned. The police in London are able to enforce the law without "bearing arms."

Selma Musicant, Whitestone

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