I think we can all agree that this election was weird, and its aftermath is weirder every day. Conservative Republicans promise income equality, and everyone seems to think it’s OK to just make up facts and toss them out on national television.

However, Newsday’s profile of Robert and Rebekah Mercer was flat-out mind-bending [“Trump’s LI power players,” News, Nov. 13]. The story quoted Brent Bozell of the Media Research Center regarding the billionaire hedge-fund manager and his daughter, who are among the financial and ideological forces behind Trump’s victory. Bozell said the Mercers “see the establishment as a very real threat to freedom in America, and they see the need to defeat it.”

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Hold the presses! This algorithm master of the stock market, owner of yachts, a collection of machine guns, and a $2.7-million model train set actually sees himself as an anti-establishment outsider, a friend of the workingman and a savior of American values? Are you serious?

Mike Cuomo, Calverton