With all of President Donald Trump’s day-after insistence that his seven-country travel ban is not targeted toward Muslims, let’s remember this: Trump repeatedly and emphatically called for a Muslim ban during his campaign [“Trump’s travel limits make sense,” Opinion, Feb. 2].

Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani acknowledged that Trump asked him and others to devise a legal way to institute a Muslim ban. I believe this travel ban is the result. The sheep’s clothing is quite transparent.

Dennis Dubey, Port Jefferson Station


It was with huge disappointment that I learned that Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Syria, Sudan and Yemen were named by President Donald Trump in his travel ban.

I visited Sudan recently on a humanitarian mission to the Salam Centre for Cardiac Surgery run by an Italian nonprofit organization called Emergency. It provides free, high-quality treatment to victims of war, land mines and poverty.

I saw firsthand the importance of having strong U.S.-Sudan relations. Trump’s contempt for Muslims is reprehensible.

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I had many opportunities to discuss with the Sudanese people the importance of our relations. The people I spoke to are peace-loving individuals who are at a loss as to why the United States treats Sudan and other Muslim countries with disrespect and contempt.

Elie Rubinstein, Sheepshead Bay