Letter: Contamination and Nassau water

The state Department of Environmental Conservation is launching The state Department of Environmental Conservation is launching an investigation to find the source of the refrigerant contaminating a drinking-water well in Roslyn Estates, pictured here on April 3, 2014. Photo Credit: Danielle Finkelstein

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I read with amazement the article about New York City's plan to reopen its dormant water wells , and the possible impact on Nassau's water supply.

While I understand the concerns of some of the Nassau government officials interviewed, they seemed nonchalant about existing "plumes of contamination" under Nassau County and the impact of this toxic material on Nassau's water and residents. They appear more worried about the plumes shifting than the existence of the plumes themselves.

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I'm also concerned about the toxic material recently found in a Suffolk County park ["Dumped," News, June 2]. How much of this is leaching into the aquifer below Long Island? Perhaps water- supply experts should be questioned about this, too?

New York City should rethink the plan.

Alan N. Queen, Flushing

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