A cyclist from upstate Kingston was quoted as saying that East End residents should be ashamed of ourselves for not sharing the beauty of the area with up to 3,000 bike riders for one day ["Not-so-easy ride," News, June 1].

Most us who live out here have no problem sharing our beautiful South Fork. But when thousands of bike riders clog the roads and prevent many of us from getting out of our own driveways or secondary roads to the main artery, we end up late for work, appointments or picking up our children from activities.

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Last year, I had to sit in my car for more than a half-hour while a steady stream of bikes blocked me from exiting an ancillary road to Montauk Highway, the one road that leads to all other points in this small area. I attend many civic and social meetings in Montauk, and residents often complain about not being able to leave their own driveways.

The two-lane road is just too narrow for all those bikers and vehicles during a one-day event. Please visit independently, and you'll receive a warm welcome. And don't forget to bring your bike.

Janis Hewitt, Montauk