Suffolk County Executive Steve Bellone wants to borrow $60 million to pay for unused sick days and vacation time for retiring police [“Seeking to borrow for police costs,” News, Feb. 15]. It will be the taxpayers who foot this bill.

I have two problems with this.

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When I worked in the private sector, I received 11 sick days a year, and we had to use them or lose them. There was no carry-over to retirement. The more serious issue is that these sick days are being paid out at today’s salary, not at the cost of those days when they would have been used. In other words, an unused sick day from 2001 should be computed at the cost of that day in 2001, not at 2017 rates.

There should be a policy that sick days can’t be banked, or a mandatory cap on days that can be accumulated and paid out at retirement.

This is an excessive entitlement.

Barbara Diamond, Port Jefferson Station