Why is it that former Police Officer Michael Tedesco ["Ex-cop's guilty plea," News, May 13] faced all sorts of departmental and criminal charges for having sex with a mistress while on duty in Nassau County, yet then-Sgt. James Burke had sex while on duty with his prostitute girlfriend and eventually got promoted to chief of department in Suffolk County ["50 LI Police Misconduct Cases," News, Dec. 19, 2013]?

What a difference a county line makes.

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Jim Brennan, Rocky Point

After ex-Police Officer Michael Tedesco's guilty pleas to misconduct charges, Nassau District Attorney Kathleen Rice said it was "a win for taxpayers" that he forfeited $195,000 in termination pay and paid $3,700 in restitution. However, state law allowing him to collect his pension for the rest of his life was a mistake that the taxpayers will pay for.

Let's support our dedicated professional police, but not reward a dirty cop with a pension that will permit him a comfortable retirement.

Michael Greenfield, Oceanside