Letter: Exaggerating confidence in NIFA

A red and white sign seen on March

A red and white sign seen on March 5, 2014, posted near the corner of Hempstead Turnpike and Newbridge Road, urges the Nassau Interim Finance Authority to "end political greed and power in Nassau County. Enough is enough." It's unclear who posted the sign. (Credit: Newsday / Robert Brodsky)

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Reading Paul Annunziato's op-ed on the "Reasons to be confident about NIFA" [Opinion, June 23], the only thing I am confident about is that Annunziato is the "Baghdad Bob" of Nassau County -- the nickname given to the Iraqi information minister.

Nassau Interim Finance Authority members like Annunziato are more concerned about trying to justify their existence than anything related to Nassau County's financial situation.

Tom Farrell, Levittown

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