I read with interest the letter extolling the virtues of the Working Families Party ["Third party offers valid alternative," June 3]. I find it ironic that this letter was printed on the same day that Newsday ran articles and other letters about potential utility rate increases, the lack of affordable housing and yet another employer, Sbarro, fleeing Long Island to reduce its costs.

The far-left policies of the Working Families Party and others contribute to these problems. Haven't we yet realized that these utopian cradle-to-grave policies have bankrupted most European nations and threaten to do likewise to our state and country?

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Is it any wonder that droves of people and businesses are moving to more conservative states like Florida, Texas and Arizona?

Michael Tartaglia, Franklin Square

Will the last company to abandon Long Island please remember to turn out the lights? ["Sbarro HQ to leave LI," News, June 3]

Rudy Rosenberg II, Carle Place