Shame on Noah Feldman for the op-ed on Jonathan Pollard ["Shame, nightmare of Pollard's case," July 30]. As an American Jew, my loyalty to this country is solid and substantial, but it's not blind. It's based on the principles that our country stands for.

Was Pollard spying for Israel? Absolutely! Should he be punished for it? Absolutely! But let the punishment fit the crime. That is the real issue. Why did Pollard get a life sentence? The government offered him a lesser sentence in a plea bargain, and he accepted his guilt on that basis. Then the government reneged.

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This to Feldman is a minor issue. Many prominent lawyers, such as Alan Dershowitz, consider this a major violation of due process. Newsday should publish an op-ed articulating this position, and let the reader decide.

Sol Brodsky, Long Beach