Dangerous to pass school buses

I am quite upset because I’ve seen vehicles pass a stopped school bus, with red lights flashing, in Medford.

What is so important? How much of a hurry can you be in to risk hitting one of our children?

Please obey the law and stop for school buses when their red lights are flashing.

June Votava, Yaphank

Direct school taxes to assisted living instead

My wife and I have lived in Plainview for 61 years. I’m 92 and my wife is 89. We’ve raised four children, all of whom attended the public schools. The youngest left the school system in 1975.

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We’re still paying school taxes with no children attending. At the current rate, we will have paid close to a half million dollars in school taxes.

We love Plainview and have relatives and long-time friends here. The ultimate penalty would be for us to move and have no one.

I suggest that my school taxes be redirected to an independent authority that would establish assisted-living facilities for the elderly who become indigent. This way, the money would go to a cause being paid for in advance by the elderly. People shouldn’t have to pay for services they don’t receive.

James Zito, Plainview

Move to roadside after fender benders

New York State law requires drivers in a crash to stay at the scene to exchange information.

I recommend amending the law to require vehicles to move to the side of the road after minor accidents.

Too many people are inconvenienced when a lane is closed for a fender bender that results in no injuries and practically no damage.

Matthew Nola, East Meadow

Name roads, buildings after military heroes

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Instead of naming our bridges, tunnels and special buildings after politicians, they should be named after our heroes from the military.

John Hales, North Massapequa