The LIRR gets its share of criticism, so I would like to give it -- or, at least, one of its employees -- some earned praise. On Sept. 18, I purchased a senior ticket for the 10:11 a.m. train from Ronkonkoma. In my haste to make the train, I was seated when I realized I hadn't taken my ticket.

Flustered, I left the train and spotted a young female conductor on the platform. I must have had "panic" written across my face, because as I approached she smiled and said, "Don't worry. They're holding your ticket at the window." She went to get the ticket for me while I waited in the car.

I'm writing to thank this conductor for her kindness in assisting this 70-year-old in my time of need.

Vinni Ercole, Port Jefferson Station

Wrong to cut back at state police barracks

A recent decision by the State Police to lock the front door of their station in Southampton and transfer radio dispatching communications from that location to the State Police station in Farmingdale is troublesome and ill-advised.

The Southampton station, known as SP Riverside, provides full-service policing to the five towns of the eastern end of Long Island. State troopers professionally and efficiently handle calls for burglaries, robberies, alarms, domestic incidents and more.

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Since 2004, a trooper has been assigned at all times to the front desk at Riverside to monitor phone lines, dispatch troopers to complaints, personally greet and speak to complainants, monitor local and police radio traffic and send troopers to assist these departments.

Removing the trooper assigned to this desk essentially removes the knowledge that trooper has within the community.

Dispatchers in Farmingdale might not be familiar with East End roads and locations. This could create a potential public and officer safety issue when time is of the essence.

The desk at Riverside should remain open.

Thomas H. Mungeer, Albany

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Editor's note: The writer is the president of the New York State Troopers Patrolmen's Benevolent Association.