Letter: Laying blame for failing students

An empty classroom at William Floyd High School

An empty classroom at William Floyd High School in Mastic Beach in 2011. (Credit: Daniel Brennan)

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A letter writer declared that America's teachers are failures ["U.S. must improve education system," Feb. 26].

Yet while he notes that the winners of scholastic awards are predominately from Asian cultural backgrounds, he fails to realize that they have the same American teachers as the students who fail -- a failure he blames not on their culture but on their teachers.

It does, of course, put him squarely in the mainstream of the education reform movement, spearheaded by some education experts who have never actually been educators. Their lesson for the students of America is, succeed, and we will reward you; fail, and we will blame someone else.

Patrick Flynn, Wading River

Editor's note: The writer taught school for 34 years.

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