Many Long Island dog owners apparently consider public property to be an extension of their backyards. Everywhere I go, I encounter dogs off their leashes, because their owner wants them to have some freedom.

Owners probably know they are not supposed to do this, but they just don’t seem to care.

A gentleman’s Great Dane ran over to me in Dix Hills Park, and when I suggested that dogs needed to be leashed, the dog’s owner said he didn’t like the law, and so he ignores it.

I’ve had similar experiences all over Long Island.

The main issue here is safety. Dog owners who allow the dogs to run around public places are creating dangerous situations.

Justifying this behavior by telling me that your dog is friendly is irrelevant, because you don’t know whether my dog is friendly.

There are dog parks for people who want to let their dogs off leash.

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Leash your dog so that the rest of us can enjoy our walks, too.

Carol Jaye

Dix Hills