I'd like to suggest the following, in regard to "A realistic pay offer for LIRR's union workers" [Editorial, April 24] and a possible Long Island Rail Road strike in July.

The key question is whether the Long Island Rail Road offer is fair to the employees. Since LIRR employee wages are well above minimum, that question depends on what the market says is fair.

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If the union strikes, the LIRR should see whether it can replace these workers with qualified employees at the proposed salaries. If it cannot, then I suggest the LIRR give in to union demands.

But if the railroad can hire replacements, let the strikers go. Giving in to unreasonable, above-market demands is unfair to both LIRR customers and the taxpayers who subsidize the railroad.

Frank J. Russo, Port Washington

Editor's note: The writer is an anti-tax activist.