Letter: A right to know about 'pink slime'

A hamburger made from ground beef containing "lean, A hamburger made from ground beef containing "lean, finely textured beef" (aka, "pink slime") is on the right, and one made from pure 85% lean ground beef is on the left. Photo Credit: AP

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Blaming the president of the United States for stopping pink slime as an additive in ground beef is a reach [" 'Pink slime' is safe, and cheaper," Letters, June 24].

It was a groundswell of public opinion, and in some cases disgust, at the use of scraps and the adulteration of a popular product that led to its elimination.

Most of us feel that we were duped into using an unwanted ingredient in our food and the Food and Drug Administration used a technicality in the labeling process to keep its use a secret.

My wife and I researched this and contacted the supermarkets where we shop. If they admitted to selling this additive and vouched for its safety, we decided that it was off our table, and we told them so. One chain claimed that beef with pink slime accounted for only 10 percent of what it sold.

Even if pink slime is perfectly safe, we have a right to know what we are buying to feed to our families.

William Bertini, West Islip

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