On Tuesday, I went to vote at South Side High School in Rockville Centre [“Passing grades for LI budgets,” News, May 18]. I walked in the door and was never asked to identify myself. I simply said I was there to vote, and was directed to the gym.

As I was leaving, the bell rang, and students crowded into the hallways with me and other voters.

As a former teacher, it occurred to me that this was a security problem of unimaginable proportion. No metal detectors, no check of IDs — and yet, here we were, mingling with students.

I called the district superintendent’s office twice but never received a return call.

My wife, also a retired teacher, had the same experience when voting.

To allow strangers to enter our schools unchallenged and unidentified is irresponsible, unreasonable and reckless.

Ted D. Gluckman

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Rockville Centre