I am bewildered as I read the results of the arraignment of Jerome Arnold, who pleaded not guilty to charges related to a car accident before he drove his vehicle into Panera Bread in Farmingdale ["Lawyer: Just an 'accident,' " News, March 21]. His lawyer said he may have "panicked," it was an "accident" and the gas pedal got stuck. Bail was set at only $5,000. That's an insult and a disgrace.

Arnold allegedly hit a vehicle in the Walmart parking lot then drove his SUV through the front of Panera Bread, pinning one woman and seriously injuring another.

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At 69 and retired as an electrician, surely Arnold knows it was irresponsible to drive without a license. If he had acted responsibly or with any sense of conscience, two women might not be injured right now.

Audrey Krapf, Sayville

Editor's note: The writer's friend was injured in the crash.