Letter: Albany leaders unjust to disabled

Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo, Speaker Sheldon Silver and Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo, Speaker Sheldon Silver and and State Sen. Dean Skelos. Photo Credit: AP

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Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo, Senate co-leader Dean Skelos (R-Rockville Centre) and Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver all agreed to a $90-million budget cut to services for developmentally disabled people ["Albany is going backward on autism," Opinion, April 1.]

Our developmentally disabled citizens will lose their nursing care. Some are unable to regulate their medications. Some can't chew properly, and without supervision, they could choke. There are people who cannot lift their heads off a pillow. They are also at risk without proper supervision.

These people will not be able to get out into the community to attend special events. They cannot dress themselves or shower. They will languish all day.

I always thought that those who ran for public office did so to help those who cannot help themselves. This budget cut is mean-spirited, ignorant and cruel.

Diane A. McCloat, Hewlett

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