The long-awaited historical marker commemorating aviation history in East Farmingdale, on the site that has become a major shopping center, is totally inadequate ["They put the fight in LI," News, July 22].

This historical site requires more than a simple sign, and the sign should be modified to include the fact that thousands of aircraft were designed and built there. They include the F-84 Thunderstreak, F-105 Thunderchief, A-10 Warthog, parts of the space shuttle and parts of commercial aircraft such as the Boeing 747, Saab SF 340. Experimental aircraft also can be traced to Republic Aviation development, including the XF-103 missile interceptor, XF-12 Rainbow, T-46 trainer and RC-3 Seabee.

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Leo Montagna, Northport

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Editor's note: The writer is retired from the former Fairchild Industries, which participated in Long Island's aviation construction.