I enjoyed your article about a local winemaker who also makes beautiful wood canoes [“Winemaker crafts his own canoes, too,” LI Life, Feb. 12]. He is truly a talented and unique individual.

I did cringe, however, when I saw a photo of him in his canoe out for a winter paddle without an apparent life vest and not dressed for cold water immersion.

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In the winter, our water temperatures are in the low 40s, and survival time is very short if you fall in not wearing a proper dry suit or wet suit.

In addition, the New York life vest jacket law requires users of boats shorter than 21 feet, canoes, kayaks and rowboats to wear a life vest between Nov. 1 and May 1. I think Newsday could have been more responsible by not publishing a picture of a winter paddler not wearing the required equipment.

Tony Fleck, Farmingdale