I would like to thank Newsday for the professional journalism standards it has employed during the coverage of the alleged rape case in Chestnut Ridge ["Girl in Ramapo rape case texted in fear, friend testifies," News, Aug. 22]. While other papers have decided to print the names of the 12- and 13-year-old boys, Newsday took the high road and has not printed these boys' names.

I am not taking sides regarding the guilt or innocence of the boys. However, I do believe that the boys are presumed innocent unless proven guilty. If they are not found guilty, their lives will have been destroyed, and these boys will find it difficult to find educational and job opportunties in the future.

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The boys are not a threat to society right now because they are in their parents' custody and under house arrest, only leaving for medical and court dates. The public derives no benefit from the publication of their names.

Peggy Hatton, Chestnut Ridge