Letter: Broader teacher training pays off

A file photo of a teacher in a A file photo of a teacher in a classroom. (June 16, 2006) Photo Credit: Getty Images

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It must be noted that the New York State Education Department has signed on to new Common Core learning standards that prescribe multidisciplinary, whole-learner teaching requirements for each educator to follow, an instructional approach that has long been encouraged by school districts ["Stop raises for bogus courses," Editorial, Oct. 23].

A student's educational experience should be more than just learning for the sake of scoring high on specific tests; more dynamic and enriched classroom exposure serves them better both inside and outside of school. The expansion of teachers' knowledge bases, and experiences beyond their respective disciplines, adds to their worth as professionals.

Those arguing against this need to broaden their own minds and fields of view.

John N. Piteris, Melville

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Editor's note: The writer teaches science in Great Neck.

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