In the March 5 letter "Job training won't lower unemployment," the writer says that "we supposedly have a shortage of graduates in the STEM fields -- science, technology, engineering and math."

There absolutely is a shortage of graduates in the STEM fields. I'm an executive director for a large securities firm in Manhattan, specializing in information technology application development and systems integration. We have several entry- to mid-level positions open at the moment that cannot be filled.

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The resumes that we receive are predominantly H1B visa candidates from India. Although these candidates possess advanced engineering and computer science degrees, they do not have the problem-solving skills needed for financial engineering. American candidates are nonexistent.

We need engineering and computer science graduates who can also succeed within the business community. On-the-job training is not sufficient. Candidates without a grasp of foundational computer science and engineering concepts will not succeed.

Joe Miller, Manhattan

Editor's note: The writer is an electrical engineering and computer science graduate of Stony Brook University.