"Hurricane season forecast" [News, Aug. 9] talks about the possibility that global warming is responsible for the storms of biblical proportions that we on Long Island and the rest of the country have been experiencing. I believe we are beyond the time of questioning the possibility and on to the question of what to do about the growing frequency of these storms and the great destruction they cause.

There is a solution that should be put into effect now, while it can do the greatest good: a carbon tax. It would allow clean energy to have a fair opportunity to become an alternative to fossil fuel.

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Reducing emissions at the same time as increasing investments in clean energy is really the only way to go in a time when we see our way of life on Long Island being threatened with irrevocable change. Our dependence on fossil fuels is going to have to change before we on Long Island go the way of the dinosaurs we have become so dependent on.

Anna Fox, Medford