Writer John Yinger missed a critical fact in his op-ed about casino gambling ["Casinos mean more jobs? No dice," Opinion, Nov. 1]. While I agree that casinos in New York may not result in property tax relief or additional school aid, his statement that job growth would not occur is just plain wrong.

Yinger states that income spent at casinos would siphon spending from elsewhere. This would result in job losses in other sectors of the economy, he argues, thereby offsetting the jobs gained from casinos. He says that simply opening casinos does not give people more money to spend.

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But the critical fact is, the money is already being spent at casinos outside of New York. It is estimated that New Yorkers spend more than $3 billion annually in states such as New Jersey, Connecticut and Nevada. Having casinos in New York will allow New York residents to spend the money here instead, and it would probably even attract people from out of state.

It's a shame that Proposition 1 will not allow a casino on Long Island. Instead, Long Islanders will continue to visit Foxwoods, Mohegan Sun and Atlantic City.

Eric Grasman, Massapequa