Now I have heard it all. I just read your article, "Bickering over blizzard" [News, Oct. 25].

These disgraceful politicians are arguing about who really fell asleep at the wheel during last year's blizzard. They all point fingers at each other, including Town Supervisor Ed Romaine, and nothing gets done. It kills me that they would have the audacity to create a "snow note" as an extra charge to homeowners because the town missed deadlines for federal reimbursement.

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That's one of the funniest things I've ever heard, considering that we didn't see a plow for three days in my neighborhood. And to be honest, the last six or seven years the Town of Brookhaven has been going down hill. It's not the first time Manorville residents -- and I'm sure others -- have had to call and ask the town to send a plow or a salt truck.

Mike Panichi, Manorville