Sen. Chuck Schumer’s suggestion to increase the number of security screening dogs to alleviate the long wait times for air passengers is certainly a valid and sensible solution [“Schumer: More dogs could ease airport waits,” News, May 16].

However, the airlines themselves are partly to blame for the longer wait times at security. Most airlines now charge a hefty fee for checked baggage. Because of this, people are using more, larger and questionable carry-on bags to avoid the additional expense. This only increases the time to clear everyone’s belongings.

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This also increases the time for boarding.

I hope the pre-check screening program — an $85 fee good for five years — is not a simply a ploy to raise revenue for the Transportation Security Administration. I have purchased this, but the real hold-up results from the checked baggage fee. If checked bags were free again, you’d see shorter wait times.

Delores Plunkett, Sayville